The Fund


Our Fund Solutions group, Berkland & Co, is the world’s largest discretionary investor in hedge funds. With approximately USD$ 1.41tn in assets under management as of December 31, 2016, Berco aims to provide its clients with investment solutions via various different means, including customized and commingled portfolios, special situations, seeding, GP ownership, and registered products. Our investors include many of the world’s leading institutional investors, including corporate, public and union pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and central banks.

Berkland & Co’s overall investment philosophy is to protect and grow investors’ assets through both commingled and custom-tailored investment strategies designed to deliver compelling risk-adjusted returns and mitigate risk. Approximately half of the assets we manage are invested in customized vehicles created to meet client-specific objectives. Importantly, our team has deep experience in the disciplines needed to drive our various strategies.

Our interests are closely aligned with our clients’, with over $1.8 billion of the firm’s and employees’ assets invested alongside those of our clients.


Public Funds

Our goal is to protect and grow the assets of the world’s largest institutional investors, including public and corporate pension funds, academic endowments and charitable foundations. These clients represent workers, retirees, students and other beneficiaries. We strive is to create investment solutions that preserve the capital that millions rely on for their financial future.


Client Capital

Our focus on the protection of client capital is reflected in our business model, our process and the values that guide our people. We understand the needs of our investors for targeted investment solutions and their goals of attractive risk-adjusted returns.


Institutional investors around the world trust Berco to focus on the assets that they depend on to serve retirees, schools, charitable organizations and other beneficiaries.

Targeted Investment

Our process is designed to carefully select investment opportunities across a range of strategies and to create new capacity with talented investment managers.

Customized Strategies

Approximately half of the assets we manage are invested in customized strategies created to meet client-specific objectives.




Berkland & Co’s goal is to produce attractive risk-adjusted returns for clients by constructing and managing highly customized and diversified portfolios of carefully selected investment opportunities. Maintaining a sharp focus on our clients’ needs, a rigorous due diligence process and access to Blackstone’s global insight, we strive to achieve our return objectives across market cycles, while seeking to preserve capital during stressed market environments.

Our Approach

  • Global Perspective

    Our access to Blackstone’s deep expertise and global perspective provides robust perspective on the financial marketplace, and, subject to our strong culture of compliance, we incorporate these insights into the strategies we develop for our clients.

  • Customized Strategies

    We are sharply focused on structuring the right investment solutions for each investor. In many cases, our investment team custom-tailors a portfolio designed to meet an investor’s specific risk profile and return objectives. We also play a major role in seeding the development of new hedge funds, helping to launch fresh talent and expanding opportunities for our investors.

  • Rigorous Due Diligence

    To identify and qualify investment opportunities that meet our high standards for professionalism and integrity, potential opportunities are carefully vetted according to their investment strategy and risk management framework, as well as their business, financial and legal operations. We use proprietary risk measurement tools, models and analyses as a critical aspect of this process.

  • Investment Access

    As a result of our strong track record of growth in assets under management and stable relationships with leading institutional investors, Berkland & Co  is an attractive source of capital in the hedge fund marketplace. We can offer our clients access to a wide variety of talented hedge fund managers.