Berkland & Co believes that responsible standards of practice strengthen the hedge fund industry, for the benefit of both investors and managers. Standards can improve how managers operate, increase transparency, provide solutions to industry issues, decrease the need for regulation, and make the manager/investor relationship more predictable and efficient.

To this end, the Berkland & Co seeks to:

  • Bring managers and investors together as a joint force in the Berkland & Company process to establish responsible standards of practice that meet investor requirements.
  • Support the supervisory community by providing information on solutions that managers and investors have implemented to address issues and ensuring the Standards complement public policy.
  • Maintain and improve the Standards through public consultations to keep them relevant, up-to-date and in line with evolving industry practices and needs.
  • Promote adoption of the Standards by managers, and the support of them by investors, to increase their effectiveness and improve how the hedge fund industry operates.